Our care during your pregnancy

We monitor your pregnancy and provide support and advice. We take time to inform you about what's happening to your body.

During check-ups we provide information on food and lifestyle and answer your questions. We give tips on how to reduce or prevent physical problems during pregnancy. Regularly checks on your state of health, blood pressure, and the baby's growth are given. If any complication arises we will refer you to an obstetrician or another specialist. The hospital and midwife together will decide what course of action should be taken. In many cases, if everything turns out to be fine, you will be referred back to us.

Even if you've transferred to an obstetrician for a while, we'll still stay in touch. If you've given birth with an obstetrician in hospital, we'll take care of you when you come home from hospital. In this way there is a continuity of care and you can always turn to us with questions or problems. We'll keep you in our sight from beginning till end.



De Genestetstraat 2
1054 AX Amsterdam

For non urgent questions call the midwife mo-fri
from 9.00-9.30
020-683 1640

The assistent of the midwifes can be reached by phone mo-fri
from 9.30-16.30
020-683 1640

The midwife on duty can be reached 24/7 in case of labour or emergencies:

Red team:
020 - 260 1706

Yellow team:
020 - 260 1287