Fertility consultation

We provide couples who want to prepare for a pregnancy information on healthy conception. Couples who are having trouble getting pregnant can also attend. Information on the menstrual cycle, advice on lifestyle, eating and health habits, and tips for a "fertile" sex life can considerably increase your chances of getting pregnant.

There are also possible treatments that can increase fertility. Prenatal screening is available.


De Genestetstraat 2
1054 AX Amsterdam

For non urgent questions call the midwife mo-fri
from 9.00-9.30
020-683 1640

The assistent of the midwifes can be reached by phone mo-fri
from 9.30-16.30
020-683 1640

The midwife on duty can be reached 24/7 in case of labour or emergencies:

Red team:
020 - 260 1706

Yellow team:
020 - 260 1287